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Here is a topic in which Pornstars share with you their own vision of the Pornographic Cinema.

You love eastern girl? You're crazy about big titted bitches? You're fond of sexy tattoos? You have some preferences for blond beauties? Well, you've just found what you were looking for so many years: a blonde big titted eastern girl with tattoos who is also an incredibly great performer and a bright woman... She's just here. She's... Kayla Green!

"The passion comes through out the screen and you can even feel it! "

What is your first porn memory? When I was nearly 12 years old, I found hidded VHC at my house; it was german porn! Named , kind of, "15 funny pictures" (laughs)

Is there a particular movie that gave you want to do porn?

Actually no! It was one of my classmates! Once i met with him and his friend, we had threesome sex, and after my classmate "came", he watched how his friend fucked me...he said "definitely you need to do the porn!"

What do you think are the key ingredients to the success of a porn movie? 

You need to love what are you doing, and "chemistry" between the actors. Then the passion comes through out the screen and you can even feel it!

What kind of porn movies do you like to watch most?
Gay porn.

Are you inspired by other models for your own work?
  Not really, but sometimes I watch other models movies, but with professional point of view.


Have you ever been shocked by seeing a porn movie?
Actually it was just a trailer, of one of my videos. It was enough to be like "OMFG" (laughs)

How do you prepare for a shooting?
It might sounds  funny, but I am very serious with my work. I try to be good slept, and in harmony with myself.

What is the influence of you work on your social life? It had an influence in the relations: not everybody can take and understand it. But now its okay :)

Do you watch your own movies and do you masturbate watching them?
I watch it sometimes, as i said already as a professional view, and yes, really, I masturbated once on my movie! Truly, its a bit strange feeling!

How do you feel about the idea that people masturbate by watching you? I like it! Men must want me, and be soooo horny about me, thats what makes me "hot" Its very importand for me also in the relations. 

 Do you think that directors and producers think enough to women audience when they make movies?
Not really! They shoot it from a men point of view.

What do you know about French Pornography? I know that French makes more nice/erotic movies. For example Marc Dorcel, I like the style he shoot. 

Do you consider pornographic cinema as an art? Absolutely!

Thank a lot to Kayla for this interview!

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